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Stuck in that ‘workplace gloom’?

According to CIPD’s latest People Management, the Korean HR consultancy, Staff, have had an idea to get rid of ‘workplace gloom’.

This idea is for employees to stage their own funerals. Yes, you read that right; employees participating in their own fake funerals.

Groups of employees were asked to write letters to their families and friends saying goodbye to them, they then climb into a casket and are locked in, allowing them to have time to ‘contemplate their existence’ before they are then released.

Staff president, Park Chun-woong, states that their ‘company always encouraged employees to change their old ways of thinking, but it was hard to bring about a real difference’.

How does this method help?

Park Chun-woong believes that ‘going inside a coffin would be such a shocking experience, it would completely reset the employee’s minds’.

So, next time you are having a bad day, think about those employees of Staff who are participating in their own funerals and we’re pretty sure this will help you see your job in a more positive way.

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