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Are you struggling to keep employees?

Have you ever thought about asking them what would keep them from quitting?

In an article, written by Anne Fisher, “To keep employees loyal, you should ask them what they want”, yet it seems only a small amount of companies actually have this approach. Not only does it allow your employees to give you feedback, it allows the business to stay sustainable.

Not all employees can be kept, as naturally, some employees grow out of the business and move on. However, Mary Davids, a Leadership and Professional Development Consultant, has given her view on the top four reasons that good employees leave:

  1. Poor rewards system

Not all employees are obsessive when it comes to having a huge pay at the end of each month, many employees want to be rewarded to feel like they are recognised and noticed. There are many ways this can be done for example, recognition internally or externally e.g. on the company website, a promotion, an opportunity to lead a new project or simply just a thank you.

  1. Management

Some people say “people don’t leave companies, they leave their managers” and this has some truth to it. Just because an employee is good at what they do, this doesn’t mean that they will make a good manage, but that’s OK, as long as this is recognised in businesses. If people are put into place who are not strong enough to lead, it can cause low employee morale. Therefore, it is important to ensure you recruit the right manager who will execute the company vision and who is willing to work with their staff to get the job done.

  1. Recruitment and Promotions

Morale can be affected if employees who work hard, see other employees being promoted. Businesses need to understand that good employees will leave if you do no appreciate or recognise the work they put into the business. Ensure you promote the employee who has knowledge and experience, rather than someone you may know or like that little bit more!

  1. Too high workload

Are you guilty of giving those employees who are great at performing, more projects and responsibility, even though they may not be able to handle it? This is a common issue that employers do, however some good employees may feel pressured and like they can’t escape from work, due to the amount of responsibility and attention they receive from management. If you have good employees, ask them what workload they are happy with and then recognise and reward them, this will help them continuously deliver.

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