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P800 – Tax Rebate: Wrong Calculation?

As some of you have noticed, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been sending out tax rebate cheques following the issue of P800 calculations.

The P800 tax calculations is meant to match income and tax deducted under PAYE.

The submission of a tax return achieves the same task but includes all income and claims by taxpayers.

If you have received a cheque following a P800 calculation, we urge you not to cash in the cheque because of errors HMRC may have made on calculations i.e. some P800s were issued before benefits were reported on P11Ds.

Your P800 need to be checked against P60s and other reliable sources with any differences raised with HMRC.

If HMRC have sent you a P800 calculation, please send this to paul@loftusstowe.com or call us on 01909 512 120.

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