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Do any of the following statistics apply to you?

It is that time of year again where it gives me great pleasure to announce the success we had from our November Will Aid Campaign.

Yet again in the month of November alone we have helped raise over a thousand pound for charity; contributing to help those less fortunate than ourselves, which is something the team here at Loftus Stowe are extremely proud of.

Which also means we have assisted eight individuals in ensuring that their assets are distributed how they wish but also guaranteeing that loved ones are looked after on their passing.

However, even with the success we have had, the statistics for individuals who actually have a will are worrying; and as a business who see the effects and upset caused by individuals not having one in place every day, we can’t stress enough how important they actually are.

For those of you reading this; whether be an existing client or not, do any of the following statistics apply to you?

Are you one of the 27 million (53%) out of the 51 million people living within the UK who do not currently have a will in place? That’s right over half of the UK’s current population have not secured their future.

Do you and your cohabitee make up part of the 70% of couples which have no will? Did you know that on death, the surviving partner would have no automatic right to inherit?

Are you one of the parents who haven’t protected their children(s) future? 57% percent of the parents out there have no will in place at all, whilst 31% of you have not named guardians for your children.

Even if you make up the 47% of the UKs population with a Will, you’ll be surprised to know that a quarter of you have had a change in circumstances (e.g. marriage, divorce, children) which has more than likely invalidated you most recent Will or means it will no longer reflect your wishes.

If so it may be crucial for you to take advantage of our discounted services in January to ensure that your families future is secured.

The discounted prices are also available on other legal services which we offer here at Loftus Stowe, from Lasting Power of Attorney’s, Discretionary Will Trusts and Court Registrations to Corporate Law and Shareholders Agreements.

For an extensive list of all the Legal Services we offer please visit the website here at http://loftusstowe.co.uk/legal-services/ or contact Ella on 01909 512 120 or ella@loftusstowe.com

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