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Have a faulty digital product, but had it less than 30 days?

Have a faulty digital product, but had it less than 30 days? Your rights are changing.

From October 1st 2015, if you download music or buy ebooks, the Consumer Rights Act will introduce specific rules, which will entitle you to a repair or a replacement when one of these digital products are faulty within 30 days.

This law will also tighten and clarify rules around digital product refunds, repairs or replacements if they are faulty.

According to Gov in 2014, 18 million problems were encountered by shoppers which left people all together £4.15 billion out of pocket. Therefore the new rules, will make it easier for shoppers to understand what rights they have and allow them to shop with confidence.

Key updates will include:

Clear legal rights when purchasing digital content;

  • 30 day time period to return faulty good and get a full refund;
  • After the 30 days, retailers have one opportunity to repair or replace the goods. If the repair or replacement is unsuccessful then the shopper can claim a refund or a price reduction, only if they chose to keep the product;
  • The provider will have to put the service in line with what was agreed, or give money back; and
  • Shoppers can challenger terms and conditions which are unfair or hidden.

Not only have these updates been added, but certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (AFR) will be available for when a dispute cannot be settled between the business and the consumer.

Ensure that if this affects you or your business, your employees are aware of these changes, so they are not caught breaking the law.

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