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Christmas Party or Bonus?!

It’s just under two weeks until Christmas and it seems not everyone is all about the joy it brings!

Christmas used to be a time when people thought about buying gifts and spending time with family, friends and even colleagues for the Christmas party. However, it seems that nowadays, people are more focused on the money.

CareerBuilder completed research into whether employees would rather have a Christmas party or a bonus. The research found that 86% of employees would rather have a Christmas bonus.

Pretty shocking, right? Even more shocking, the research found that 53% of employers won’t be giving a bonus this year (so you’ve probably changed your answer now)!

60% of employers will be holding Christmas parties this year, so if you were hoping you weren’t going to have to attend one – you’re wrong.

For those who are more money focused (some may say greedy, but I couldn’t possibly comment), if you are lucky enough to be getting a bonus this year; IT workers are the top in line as 29% of IT employers said they are going to be giving bigger bonuses this year. Other sectors who may get excited include:

  • Accountants (28%)
  • Sales (27%)
  • Marketing (26%)
  • Operations (25%)
  • HR (20%)

How are you feeling about this? Would you rather have a bonus, or would you rather attend a jolly Christmas party?!

We do know one thing, if you’re not getting a bonus this year – you may be consoled by being invited to the office Christmas party; so, get those party moves on!

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